We prefer to be “Business Consultants who do Strategy” than “Strategy Consultants”.  Semantics maybe, but we prefer to focus on co-creating good strategies that come from within the business, rather than create it for you in isolation. You need to believe it, understand it and own it, and it needs to align to your values and purpose.  The strategy must be execution-ready; do-able within your resources and constraints and aligned to your vision and purpose.  But that does not mean that leaps of innovation, transformation and leadership will not be called for.

​Developing and implementing strategy is a leadership challenge.  The strategy absorbs the uncertainty from your teams so that they can focus on what they do best without worrying about the (known or unknown) unknowns.  It is not a committee compromise.  We can help you develop your leadership, innovation and transformation mindset and act as independent mediator between your key stakeholders.

​Whatever your organisation’s size or sector we are open for a chat about whether we can help.