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Like most small business owners, you are a true expert in what you do, passionate about quality and service.  But great trade skills and a strong network isn’t enough to cut through the chaos of growing a business.


How we can help

  • Process

Doing it the same way every time means that you make fewer mistakes and time doesn’t keep running away from you.  If you hate office work then let us simplify what you do, cut out what is not needed and make the work that you can’t avoid as painless as possible.

  • People

The challenge we hear most is about maintaining productivity of the workforce.  Your leadership style is key to getting the most out of your workforce.  If you think your employees work harder when you on site them then you should get in touch.

  • Technology

The whole construction sector has been slow to use technology but it is ramping up rapidly.  Inexpensive tech that gets quotes out faster, stops clients chasing for updates and improves your cash flow must be worth looking at. 

  • Markets

What are the big things that you could profit from?  Energy efficient refits?  New housing?  That firms need to reduce CO2 because their customers demand it?  Or are their opportunities for you to earn more by specialising?  If you don’t get the time to have a proper think about where to find the best customers then chances are you are missing out.

  • Planning

Whether you challenges are on-site project management, managing your time or and delegating work,  we can help.  We excel at business planning too, helping you plot a course to where you want to be in five years time and getting the funding to help you when you need it most. 

  • Money

It’s easy to be a busy fool if you cannot get a firm grip on how much profit you generate.  320 firms failed in November 2020 alone.  A lot failed because they had a poor grip on their finances and were over-optimistic about profit.  We’ll get you on top of the figures and help you know when to say “no”.

Case Studies

  • The Problem

Our client, a small builder in Central Scotland, realised that his inefficient office processes were undermining his growth plans.  Quotes were sent out late, human errors were costing time and trying to keep everything in his head was causing sleepless nights.  In the next ten years he wanted to pass a successful and well-run business to his son, but he’d need to sharpen up processes first.

  • Our Approach

We identified the three most painful processes and set about fixing them.  Within a month, paper and simple technology were well-embedded.  After three months, accounting was in-house and the firm was using a site management package on iPads.  Project management, time sheets, H&S reports and job reviews followed.  The new web site generated good leads so he now cherry-picks the jobs he wants.   

  • Outcome

The firm now looks more professional – better customer service, slick website and jobs sticking to the timetable.  The operation is paperless with zero re-keying.  Jobs are more profitable, and new documentation leads to fewer problems on site.  The workforce is also more motivated because they feel part of an organisation that is able to grow and not just treading water.     

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