Now is the time for smaller and emergent organisations to shine.



Now is the time for
smaller and emergent
to shine.


You allow us to make and receive payments. You provide loans and mortgages so we can buy our homes, grow our businesses and build better lives.

You help us invest our money for the future and keep it safe.


See below for examples of some of our achievements:

  • Digital Innovation & Payments

We have led digital innovations and payments solutions for a number of banks, including introducing:

  • the first internet bank, Apple / Android pay;
  • design and deployment of award-winning customer apps;
  • payment programmes such as Cheque Imaging (digitising cheque deposits);
  • and Open Banking / PSD2.
  • Programme Assurance & Recovery

Took over £50m regulatory technology programme running RED. Re-set programme vision, structure and governance, and created a recovery plan to bring it back on track. We became the exemplar programme across all the banks – the only mid or large sized bank to meet regulatory deadlines for both launch and migration completion (no other mid/large bank achieved either).

  • Protect Customers & Reduce Fraud

Introduced Authorised Push Payment (APP) Fraud detection on inbound payments with real-time transaction monitoring, identifying ‘Mule’ accounts being used to launder APP crime and securing the money from criminals at source.

Generated £6m saving in year 1 for one bank, on top of their existing fraud detection processes, protecting their business and customers, and helping to combat fraud across the UK.

  • Branch Network Optimisation

Strategy, design and delivery of complex £326m infrastructure programme to transform the branch network of a major UK bank, with closures, new branch openings and a full refurbishment programme.

We improved branch designs, introduced new technologies and piloted alternative branch formats, that improved the experience for both customers and staff, represented brand values, and drove cost efficiency saving over £75m per annum. The only UK bank NOT to receive negative press for branch closures as we ensured no customer detriment.

  • Optimise Governance and Change

We optimise your change agenda to maximise cost efficiency and benefits realisation from your transformation budget, and ensure your programmes are set-up for success. We helped two banks optimise their transformation agenda, ensuring they met all their regulatory requirements and got the best return on investment. We set-up the Retail Transformation Programme – the recovery programme for a major UK bank following the 2008 crisis – a strategic change portfolio of 65 programmes with combined investment of £1bn to deliver £2bn return.

  • Cultural Change to Transform Sales

£23m Cultural Change programme to transform the Sales experience in personal banking across 2,200 branches and 15,000 front-line staff.

Changed Sales Processes, Sales Management Practices and Targets & Incentives to move from product-focus to customer needs focus. Customers were delighted, staff morale improved, and sales grew by 30% realising £220m benefits over 5 years – a genuine win:win:win.

Finalist for internal award and commended by Which? magazine for its customer focus.

  • Develop a High
    Performance Culture

“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology.

It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.” Patrick Lencioni

High-Performance comes from our people – not from systems, processes and technology. Yet we spend so much time and money on fixing those elements, but omit to invest in our teams.

Developing a culture of High Performance is one of our key strengths – and we can help you take the right steps to take your business forward.

Gain the ultimate competitive advantage.

  • Training & People Development

Your people are your greatest asset and it is important to invest in their continued development – so that they can continue to look after your business. We deliver quality training on numerous topics such as:

  • Project and Change Management;
  • Innovation Masterclasses;
  • Management and Team Performance;
  • our high-end Leadership Development programme, which is ideal for Future Leader and Graduate programmes;
  • and we can create bespoke courses to suit your needs.

We also have our remote Business Improvement game: Rocket – see right.

  • Rocket Remote

“Great fun combined with a really intense learning experience!” Rocket is one of the most fun and instructive 1/2 days your team will ever spend – and delivered completely remotely.

In Rocket your team takes control of a struggling business and have to make the right decisions to keep it afloat and turn it around. Delegates learn strategy, communication, process improvement and removal of silo thinking.

Furthermore, you learn how to improve team engagement in a remote world and have a great remote team building day out. In a world where team morale and effectiveness are more important than ever, it has been difficult to achieve.

This is what Rocket Remote does.

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