Social Housing


Social Housing


Social Housing is changing fast.  Housing demand outstrips supply.  Tenant expectations are changing.  Funding gaps are common.  Technology is key but implementation is complex.  Regulatory change and government policy can add new pressures.  There is a net zero target and a need to repair and refit existing stock as well as investing in new stock.  If you need to navigate a safe route through this complex landscape then we can help.

Some of the ways we can help

  • Strategy

Identifying the exact problem you are trying to solve isn’t trivial.   What exactly is “success”?  Collaborate, commercialise and consolidate are in the toolkit, alongside new operating models. 

But you need to take all the stakeholders on the journey too.  Outside help will be invaluable.

  • Digital Innovation

Customer-centric technology can deliver better, cheaper services.  It can simplify report faults, help tenants manage the  rent and provide tailored advice to those seeking housing. 

It could help track and quality control contractors, monitor wellbeing and reduce loneliness.  We have delivered dozens of technology-led transformations and can help you manage your delivery risks.

  • Transformation

Chances are that the team around you are not transformation experts and there are a lot of conflicting opinions on where the organisation should go and how fast it should get there. 

Some pain is inevitable, but how much is too much?  Transforming any  business is about “hearts and minds” just as much as a programme delivery.  Let us get you set up for success with the right governance and communication in place.

  • Money

RSLs often want to do more than their remit or funding permits.  Many are well-placed to help customers get training, find jobs, stay socially engaged and to develop the community infrastructure needed within a location. 

How to you fund this while ring-fencing rent income?  We have delivered novel commercial ventures that turn a good profit and fit the social agenda.  We can help you commercialise too.

  • Leadership

Leadership in social housing is bound to be challenging.  It must balance commercial and  social obligations, yet still deliver radical change to a organisation used to moving slowly.  There are personal qualities (authenticity, empathy, resilience), technical abilities (commercial acumen, navigating change) and the need to build a management team ethos to consider.   Let us help you deliver the personal style and organisational culture you need to meet your objectives.

  • Feasibility Studies

Research and analysis to assess viability of your proposals and review the alternative approaches, products and suppliers available to recommend the optimum way forward.  Typically studies include market research, analysis of customers, competitors, suppliers, new entrants and alternative products as well as costs, capabilities, returns and do-ability within the organisational and social context.

Case Studies

  • The Problem

An RSL in Scotland had created a commercial arm intending that profit could be used to deliver extra support customers.  

Our challenge was to create a viable business plan for a venture that was within their ability to deliver, ethical, affordable, profitable and did not divert management time away from their core purpose.

  • Our Approach

We synthesised over 100 ideas from within the RSL, the local community, tenants and similar organisations around the world into eight “hub propositions”, bringing related ideas together into the best commercial proposition that fitted within the constraints.  The RSL board selected the top three and we created a Business Plan for each.    

  • Outcome

Two Business Plans stood out as offering the best commercial potential. 

The RSL has a site in mind and has moved to costing the fit-out and engaged potential tenants and partners. 

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